the Sixth

é, gostava de ter escrito alguma coisa. mas há datas que falam por si. hoje vou ser livre pra comer o meu prego em prato.


" The ‘have-almost -everything’ generation might actually be the unhappiest, were it not for the fact that the demand for emotional support has not increased. Past generations were named after the major international events that affected them - post-war, baby boom, immigrant…Today’s generation seems traumatised only by emptiness – the lack of perspectives and opportunities, goals, aspirations - what better comparison could we find to describe it than the metaphor of an email without title? ‘I don’t want to live in poverty for the rest of my life,’ adds medicine student Dana, who is planning her move abroad. Perhaps ‘generation no subject’ would be an appropriate name for all these young people who fail to give meaning to today’s limitless technological progress. "

in Cafe Babel